Gorgeously handcrafted in small batches, using only nature-friendly ingredients for clean, conditioned, shiny hair and a healthy scalp. Strengthening Forest Charcoal is musky, minty, clean scented using only essential oils and herbal essences.

Strengthening Forest Charcoal: Shampoo Bar

  • Who's got time for a shampoo PLUS conditioner? No way! Our shampoo bars are cleansing AND conditioning all in one so you don't need anything else – just wash, rinse, and go!

    The combination of plant-sourced cleansers, extracts, vitamins, butters, sealing and penetrating oils, and minerals will detox your scalp while nourishing it, and leave your hair super shiny and looking great!

    Gently scented with an earthy, herbaceous and citrusy combination of essential oils smell fantastic! In this bar we've used a proprietary blend of mint, citrus, fruit, woodsy and herbaceous essential oils for a wonderful grounding and refreshing scent. 

    Each essential oil has also been carefully selected for its specific benefits to both scalp and hair. This blend is invigorating and grounding, fresh yet calming, and reminiscent of a gentle walk through a calming forest.