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podcast feature: why less is best

We often talk about sustainability and cannot stress enough that in order to be a sustainable superhero, you must consider the products you buy – like haircare products.

Think on this:

How many haircare products do you use on a daily basis? How often do you wash your hair, or style it using products? How many bottles of shampoo do you go through in a month? Your family?

And what about the amount of water used, water heated, products drained down the sink or flushed down the shower drain? Do your product ingredients affect our aquatic life?

Truu by Nature's founder, Suzanne. Soto-Davies, had the pleasure of being interviewed by the largest cosmetic formulation school Formula Botanica, on the topic of sustainable haircare – why less is best. Wow, what an honour to have an opportunity to shed some light into this important topic in conversation with the global school's CEO, Lorraine Dallmeier, a Chartered Environmentalist, Biologist, and fellow tree hugger.

Suzanne is a big advocate on rethinking your haircare routine to include more natural products that are eco-friendly and effective, without compromising nature.

Click and have a listen!

Suzanne's message is that it really is not necessary to wash your hair daily or use that massive amount of products on your hair in order to have beautiful, healthy-looking hair. In fact, beautiful hair starts with looking after our scalp and always minding the scalp microbiome, which means LESS IS BEST and choosing your products cautiously.

We're much more inquisitive

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to haircare, but thankfully through the accessibility of social media and the internet in general, consumers have become much more inquisitive and aware of the ingredients that go on our skin and into our bodies. Now we are smart enough to flip the bottle over and peek at the ingredients, and if something seems questionable then we simply inquire, investigate, ask!

They fight, we step back

Larger, conventional manufacturers of haircare products may fight for your spend by focusing on the most beautiful ads, posts, packaging and taglines, inviting celebrities to convince you that their product is the best. We don't believe it's necessary to do so, as we recognize that our products may not fit everyone's lifestyle or needs. Heck, you may not like us at all because we're maybe not flashy enough? And that's okay, you're forgiven.

See it our way for a second – on social media, we have openly stated that our products aren't for everyone, and if you're expecting a large plastic bottle of shampoo that smells like apples, then we're not it and you better move on to the drug store to basket your favourite 'poo. We would much rather spend our time educating our niche consumer on the sustainability of our environmentally-friendly, biodegradable products. Our ideal haircare customer is one that appreciates the value of our green efforts and loves nature just as much as we do. [Read more about our founder Suzanne's mission HERE].

Why less is best

The truth is that life has become way too complicated. We're too busy, we take on too much, we're too tough on ourselves. With everything we have going on, we don't believe in spending vast amounts of money on a whole line of products just for the hair. They will end up being flushed down, and there are ways of making beautiful healthy hair with just a few, simple products.

Speaking on this topic was a great opportunity for you to listen and learn, comment, share your thoughts and even debate! If you don't agree or have something to add, we'd love your 5¢.

Go ahead - comment below!

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