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About Our Products

Is your 'No Poo' cleanser a shampoo?

Nope! Our No Poo hair cleanser is totally and completely natural: Just some carefully selected plants and clays that play nicely to cleanser hair and scalp without any chemicals or synthetics whatsoever. Read up more on the No Poo Method on our blog! (It's pretty cool stuff, promise!).

Are all your ingredients organic?

Well hmm... Let's just say that as much as we can possibly source in organic form, we do. Not all ingredients are available in organic form, like the chelators or the naturally-sourced preservatives we use, but we're doing our best and that's what counts!

Is your aluminum packaging recyclable?

By golly, yes it is! All our aluminum packaging is recyclable, and it's something we are super proud of. Some of our aluminum packaging containers – like the ones that have a pump or spray top, need to be separated before placing in the recycling bin. So take the tops off first and then recycle!

Are your products nut free?

No, they are not. Although not in all of our products, some of them do contain tree-nut and seed-derived ingredients, such as shea butter, coconut oil, marula oil, kokum butter, almond oil, among others. If in doubt, please contact us prior to making a purchase.

Do you use preservatives in your products?

Yes, for the most part we do. All of our water-containing products, as well as those which are likely to come in contact with water, contain the most naturally-sourced, effective, broad spectrum preservatives. Without use of these preservatives, your products could spoil and make you sick if they were to develop mold or bacteria. We take great pride in searching for the most naturally-sourced, non-toxic preservatives. Some ingredients may not sound friendly or easy to pronounce, but that's most likely because they are based on their Latin cosmetic name (INCI name) or because of where they're sourced. If you have questions with regards to any our ingredients, please contact us.

What kind of fragrances do you use?

Although some of TRUU by Nature products are unscented for those who prefer or cannot use scented products, some include essential oils for their beautiful scent and for their many benefits. We ensure all our essential-oil-containing products are added keeping strict dermal limit usage with your safety in mind. If you have specific inquiries, please contact us anytime!

About Us

Where are you located?

Our office and Lab are based out of Burlington, Ontario (Canada!).

Where do you source your ingredients?

All our ingredients and packaging materials are from Canadian suppliers. We strive to 'keep it local' as much as possible! It hasn't been easy, but to us it's super important as we want to keep the economy going in Canada as best as we can.
Having said that... If you are a new raw cosmetics supplier, please contact us! We're always interested in connecting!

Why did you choose aluminum packaging?

Simple answer: We are very much against plastics, and try not to use them unless we must – like in the pump tops for our liquid ingredients. We love aluminum because it's recyclable, lightweight, and it looks pretty cool too ;) All our aluminum packaging is cosmetic grade, so there is no concern with 'leaching' into the products.

Are you concerned with your aluminum packaging rusting?

No no no... Rusting is a form of corrosion that is specific to iron and steel. In fact, rust is the common name for iron oxide, when iron or steel bonds with oxygen and undergoes oxidation. Aluminum does not contain iron therefore it can't rust.

Shipping Q's

Do you ship to the US?

At the moment we only ship within Canada, but sign up for our newsletter and you'll be the first to know when we start shipping abroad!

Who do you use for shipping orders?

We use Canada Post and various couriers, depending on the order size and availability.