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Health Tips & Tidbits
Peppermint Leaves

Did you know...

Wintergreen essential oil contains a component called methyl salicylate – the same chemical as Aspirin. Even small dosages of orally ingested wintergreen essential oil may slow blood clotting and cause toxicity.

Eco Advice & Know-How's
Refillable Water Bottle

Try this at home!

Researchers found that a one-litre plastic water bottle contains about 240,000 nanoplastic particle fragments – which you are ingesting – and have shown up in human lungs, breast milk and placental tissue. Switch to glass water bottles immediately.

Hair Knowledge  (Of Course!)
Hair before after photo

Hair's the deal:

For the shiniest hair, try applying a leave-in conditioner on WET hair which helps disperse the conditioning ingredients throughout all of the hair. Then add a light dosage of gel for wavy and curly hair to seal in the conditioner.

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