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Hey there! I'm Suzanne, the founder of TRUU By Nature. 


My journey began when I got sick and tired of washing my hair daily and having less than pleasant results.  My hair always seemed dry, frizzy, stringy and lank, regardless of which "natural" shampoos I used. How frustrating!!


I often wished I could pick and grind a bunch of plants from my garden to wash with... I just HATED having to spend on crappy products, only to have the same horrible results as before. Plus, the toxic ingredients were a big turn-off!


As a passionate, stubborn gal, I enrolled in a course to learn how to make natural formulations.  Not only did I learn how
to make natural shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, pre-washes, natural facial and body products, but it taught me about the biology and chemistry involved in healthy hair
and skin – there's so much more to it than you'd imagine!

The products I have developed are ones that have been testing and re-testing for the past few years. They're AMAZING: natural, efficient, eco, and crap-free – something
I am certainly proud of! 


Our bodies are worth it, and I'm determined to continue developing TRUU-ly natural products for everyone, including your pets. Stay tuned!


Thank you for shopping and supporting artisan formulators! 

Suzanne Soto-Davies, Owner

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