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About TRUU by Nature.


I was lucky to have two fantastic grandmothers. They were both entrepreneurial, loving ladies that helped form my beliefs.


My maternal grandmother's last name was 'TRUU' (also known as 'TREU' - of Estonian background) and it means "loyal, honest" and when I was ready to give my new company a name, it came to me in a dream (no joke!)
It was perfectly fitting.


My paternal grandmother was an avid gardener who grew everything imaginable. She had the most beautiful garden where I grew up in South America, and our walks through it taught me to appreciate every creature, plant and herb that Mother Nature had to offer. It was paradise! 

TRUU by Nature and its brand OBLOOM
("Organic Bloom") are my way of connecting
the dots between my appreciation for family, honouring these beautiful women, and my love
for nature, and its endless bounty.


Hanging Herbs
Obloom Suzanne SotoDavies.png

Our Mission

We've become creatures of habit. Too complacent. We believe everything that our browser shows us and we don't often question 'why'. When it comes to hair and its care, people still think it needs to be washed, scrubbed, almost daily, and that the highest foaming shampoo equals the cleanest. And then we wonder why it's so greasy near the scalp and so dry in the ends... As we get older it starts falling out and we still don't question the products we've been using?!

We aim to change that. 

Hair is quite easy to look after and it truly doesn't take a chemist to understand that when it comes to healthy hair, simple means better. You should aim for washing your scalp and conditioning your hair, not scrubbing the crap out of your scalp and dunking your hair with all kinds of products. In the long run, this Victorian tradition leads to damage. 

Many (if not most) of the mainstream haircare products are full of synthetic ingredients that have no business on the scalp and hair. Because they're synthetics and can be manufactured in high quantities very quickly (and cheaply), these synthetics are overused in cosmetics – from the makeup you put on, to the skincare you slather on, to the products that you style your hair with, and yes, even in some of the foods you eat, the paints you use for your home and the additives in your car's engine! They have no place on your body, that of your baby's, your pets, and our waterways.


There is a much better way to healthier hair: Using the most natural, simple ingredients, and following the "less is best" motto. Here's where we come in!

OBLOOM by TRUU by Nature is a line of haircare products that have been designed with simplicity using some of nature's best herbs. On our products, you won't find petroleum-derived ingredients (PEGs, polysorbates), silicones (dimethicone / cyclomethicone), or toxic preservatives. Instead, we choose to use natural, nature-derived, or natural-identical ingredients. And none have ever been tested on animals.  

At TRUU by Nature, we invite you to try our OBLOOM brand of products and allow your hair and skin to flourish by using the most natural products possible. Your journey to becoming healthier has found us for a reason! We believe you will love it, and your body will thank you. 

Shop our

Obloom greasy bang fix

Only tested on humans.

We are proud to share that none of our ingredients have been tested on animals. We are PETA registered!



We are located in Burlington, Ontario, on/in the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Attiwonderonk, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation peoples. As such, we honour and respect their leadership in protecting and caring for Mother Earth, and are grateful for their teachings. 

We acknowledge the Urban Indigenous Action Plan and encourage the viewing and participation of Halton's response and actions to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities.   

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