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My journey began when I got sick and tired of washing my hair daily and having less than pleasant results.  My hair was always dry, frizzy, stringy and fragile, regardless of which "natural" shampoos I used. How frustrating!!


I just HATED having to spend money on crappy products, only to have the same horrible results as before. Plus, the toxic ingredients were a big turn-off and (being the eco-warrior that I am!) I aimlessly searched for more natural alternatives... with no luck.


As a passionate (and stubborn) gal, I enrolled in my first course at Formula Botanica so that I could really learn what makes hair grow healthy, what's so important about the scalp, 

and how to make natural formulations.  I learned about the biology and chemistry involved in healthy hair and skin – there's so much more to it than you'd imagine! 

Now as a Certified Haircare Formulator, I can confidently share the products I have developed – they are naturally efficient, eco, and crap-free, something I am so proud of! 


Our bodies are worth it, and I'm determined to continue developing TRUU-ly natural products for everyone, including your babies, your pets, your beards, lashes, and anything that is hair-related! Stay tuned... you may even see some beautiful skin products coming out in the near future (wink wink!). 


Thank you for shopping and supporting us amazing artisan formulators!


Suzanne Soto-Davies, Owner

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Why the bee? Because without bees we wouldn't have 85% of what we eat. Protecting the bees and their food source is 

Why 'TRUU'?

I was lucky to have two fantastic grandmothers. They were both entrepreneurial, loving ladies that helped guide me to who I am today.


On my mother's side, my grandmother's maternal last name was 'TRUU' (also known as 'TREU' - of Estonian background) and it means "loyal, honest" and when I was ready to give my new company a name, it came to me in a dream (yes, I'm one of those "I see dead people" kind of whacky ladies!). It was perfect, fitting, and it stuck.


On my paternal side, my grandmother was an avid gardener who grew everything imaginable under the sun. She had the most beautiful garden, and our walks through it taught me to appreciate every creature, plant, and herb. 

"TRUU by Nature" is my way of connecting the dots between my appreciation and love for family, honouring these fine ladies, and my love for nature and its bounty.