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What matters to us

In the world of haircare, our focus has been on crafting eco-conscious products that embody sustainability – from inception to application. With an unyielding commitment to sourcing solely from Canadian suppliers and distributors, we ensure that every ingredient in our formulations adheres to the highest environmental standards. Our dedication extends to our products, where each component is not just biodegradable, but also thoughtfully packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum or zero-waste alternatives.

Our mission has become

synonymous with the call to

"be the change."

In an industry often driven by superficial allure, we’re on a journey to revolutionize personal care in our pursuit of crafting products that are not only kind to your scalp and hair but also to our environment.


IT'S MORE THAN pleasant fragrances and attractive aesthetics.

What we apply to our bodies carries the same weight as what we ingest because, ultimately, it all finds its way back to our environment through the drain.

Join us on this journey to redefine the norms of personal care. With every one of our crafted formulations, you're not just investing in healthier hair; you're contributing to a world where conscious choices and eco-toxic-free products become the new norm. Together, we are rewriting the narrative of beauty, one eco-friendly product at a time.

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"I was lucky to have two fantastic grandmothers. They were both entrepreneurial, loving ladies that helped form my beliefs.


My maternal grandmother's last name was 'TRUU' (sometimes 'TREU' - of Estonian descent) meaning loyal and honest, and when I was ready to name my new company, the name came to me in a dream (no joke!). It was perfectly fitting.


My paternal grandmother was an avid gardener who grew everything imaginable. She had the most beautiful garden where I grew up in Peru, and our walks through it taught me to appreciate every creature, plant and herb that grew there.

It was paradise! 

My company, TRUU by Nature, and the brand OBLOOM ("Organic Bloom") are my way of connecting the dots between my appreciation for family, honouring these inspiring women's lessons, my love for nature, and its endless bounty."

- Suzanne Soto-Davies

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OBLOOM shampoo bar duo

Only tested on humans.

We are proud that none of our ingredients have been tested on animals. We are PETA registered.

We do not test products on animals.


We are located in Burlington, Ontario, on/in the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Attiwonderonk, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation peoples. As such, we honour and respect their leadership in protecting and caring for Mother Earth, and are grateful for their teachings. We acknowledge the Urban Indigenous Action Plan and encourage the viewing and participation of Halton Region's response and actions to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities.   

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