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Broccoli Seed Oil: NATURAL Silicone Alternative

How do you like your broccoli? Steamed? Broiled with a fine topping of cheese? Or directly into your hair? One of TRUU by Nature's favourite carrier oils, broccoli seed oil is one of the most beautiful natural alternatives to silicone in hair. The oil is light, non-greasy, and easily absorbed by both skin and hair. Yum!

Our broccoli seed oil originates in Canada.

Broccoli seed oil is made up of about 50% omega-9 erucic acid, a very-long unsaturated fatty acid chain that moisturizes effectively. This long chain helps protect against UV damage and tames your frizzy hair without leaving an oily feel. For these reasons alone, we like to use it in our OBLOOM Nourishing Greens shampoo bar and we love it in hair oil serums, too, so your hair is not just shiny and frizz-tamed, but protected as well!

Oils like broccoli seed oil are considered protective oils, meaning they don't necessarily penetrate into the hair strand, but they coat it with a silk-like feeling. It's a slick and viscous oil that is also often added to skin and body care to add sheen and luster.

TRUU man picking broccoli
All those wonderful, massive leaves make one amazing fruit: Broccoli! If left to grow, it will seed.

Broccoli seeds are high in sulforaphane, which stimulates the production of glutathione, an antioxidant co-enzyme that cells make; these little glutathione guys protect cells by neutralizing toxins and free radicals, and stimulating anti-inflammatory actions on the skin, which is especially good for those struggling through with rosacea. If you're looking for some of the best carrier oils for rosacea, broccoli seed oil should definitely one of your top choices!

If you look at the ingredients list of some of cosmetics' mainstream shampoos and conditioners, you're likely to see the word "dimethicone" listed in there. These are the silicones that many cosmetics and hair care companies have used for decades (since about the 1950s) to impart shine on hair. Formulas with dimethicone can leave your hair shiny for sure, however over time this ingredient can build up, preventing hair from achieving a proper moisture balance and causing it from feeling dry, looking dull, and prone to brittle ends. We say, why not avoid it altogether?

TRUU massage oil
Broccoli seed oil makes is a great choice for massages too!

There are so many gorgeous plant-based alternatives to sillicone, so be sure to read our blog [HERE] to see some of our favourites. In addition to those favourites, there are also other carrier oils that can act as natural replacements for silicones, like:

  • Jojoba oil - inexpensive to buy and sold at most grocery stores, but make sure no other ingredients have been thrown in the mix!

  • Marula oil - originating in Africa and also one of TRUU's favourite oils for hair and skin use. Quite a sophisticated carrier oil, and we love it!

  • Castor oil - it's thick, it's easy to find, and irreplaceable in soap-making. A tiny bit goes a long way! Best for type 4 hair. Can be sticky.

  • Jamaican castor oil - This is a variation of castor oil and best used in type 4 hair, unless used in formulations (we also use it in our shampoo bars! But just a bit as it can leave hair greasy).

  • Coconut oil - It's AMAZING for hair, especially those with Type 4 hair. Coconut oil has no substitutions, really. It deeply penetrates the hair strand, but it can also make your hair look greasy if too much of it is used.

  • Camellia seed oil - Very light, very expensive, and very good for imparting some shine in the hair. Not so easy to find if you're looking for it at your local supermarket. Camellia is one classy gal!

  • Argan oil - You've probably heard of this carrier oil in hair formulations before. It's a little queen of hair oils! If you come across it, try it!

  • Rice bran oil - It's a light oil, or "dry" oil, making it a lovely ingredient in hair serums.

  • Grapeseed oil - Easy to find, but if you're going to use it in your hair, I would recommend buying the unrefined, cold-press type.

  • Sesame oil - Also called the "King of Oils", sesame oil not only has a beautifully nutty scent, but it imparts shine and protective properties in hair.

Have you tried using broccoli seed oil directly on your hair? What did it feel like? Did you like the amazing shine that resulted? Share your input with us!

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