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Ah, the bothersome itch that can turn a good hair day into a not-so-great one. As someone who appreciates the beauty of natural hair care, you're well aware that an itchy scalp can feel like a never-ending annoyance.

So let's decode the top 10 reasons behind this uncomfortable sensation and provide you with expert solutions to soothe your scalp and restore your hair's glory!

First signs of an issue: An itchy scalp

An itchy scalp is typically the first sign that something is not right up there, and something needs fixing. Your scalp should not be dry – ever – so if you are feeling tingling, tightness, burning, and especially itchiness (which is what happens most often), then you want to revisit your routine and fix it up!

woman scratching her dry scalp
An itchy scalp is usually the first alert of a scalp issue.

Is scratching okay THOUGH? What's wrong with scratching??

The biggest problem with an itchy scalp is that you will probably be scratching it using your nails. Now, think of all the things you touch in a day... heck, all the things you touch in one hour's time! Plus the fact that the fingertips, like the rest of our body's skin, is covered in a thin and protective layer of oil (called 'sebum'). This means that just about everything you're touching is going to have "something" stick to your fingertips:

  • the dirt covering your keyboard

  • the germs on the shopping cart

  • all those door knobs and cupboard handles...

  • the apples you picked from the supermarket (that dozes of other people touched)...

And then you're going to scratch your scalp? yech!!

woman's hands on a keyboard hair
Finger pads and finger nails can accumulate a lot of dirt.

Yes, scratching is okay and a natural human reaction to itchiness, but make sure that you either use your finger PADS (not nails) and that you wash your hands well before scratching!

Better yet, let's look at some of the main culprits for an itchy scalp:

1. Dry Skin Drama:

The skin on our scalp can become dry just like the rest of our bodies. Cold Canadian winters, heat styling, and harsh shampoos can strip the scalp of its natural oils, leading to itchiness. Just like your arms and legs can get stretchy, scaley and itchy, so can your scalp! Combat this by washing your hair less often and allowing your natural protective scalp oils do their thing: protect your scalp. You can also switch to a more natural shampoo with conditioning in it, like our Bi-Phase Shampoo Bar or our Powdered Shampoo. Every scalp cleansing routine begins with a shampoo, so make sure yours is as natural as possible, and that it doesn't overly dry your scalp and cause itchiness!

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2. Product Residue Resentment:

Sometimes, the products we use to pamper our locks might not be as friendly to our scalp. Residue from hair styling products can build up, leading to irritation. If you're finding that you have to clarify your scalp often, then maybe you should switch to a more natural shampoo, yes? Have a look at our Nourishing Greens Shampoo Bar, which is super gentle on the hair and scalp, and pH balanced to protect them both! A more natural shampoo should clean the scalp effectively, without having to use so-called "clarifying" shampoos which can strip your scalp of its natural oils, again causing itchiness and discomfort.