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Wholesale inquiries

At TRUU by Nature, we focus on eco-friendly hair and scalp products, from shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments, to scalp care products, stylers, and hair oils.

If you are interested in carrying our innovative and effective products, let's talk!

Our products are a perfect fit for Canada and US-based customers who are: 

  • Boutique hotels and Inns (we offer minis for customer takeaways)

  • Natural beauty salons

  • Spas, retreats & yoga studios 

  • Health and natural product stores

  • Outdoor activity stores (camping, hiking, cycling gear)

  • Holistic & natural wellness practitioners

We also supply personalized hair products to businesses with existing skincare products that would like to benefit from adding natural haircare to their line.

NOTE: Our products are not for Amazon or eBay stores, drop-shippers or businesses outside North America.

Suzanne in OBLOOM lab

Our GMP Lab is located in Burlington, Ontario (Canada).

We focus on the use of effective bio-sourced, biodegradable ingredients in eco-friendly packaging. 

Our ingredient suppliers and distributors are all located within Canada.


We refrain from using plastic packaging as much as possible (ie: some container pumps, tubes and lids are made with plastic for safety and product effectiveness).


If you are looking for a hair product to sell or add to your existing line, we can do it for you (chances are we already designed it).

Contact us to discuss your personalized needs.

Hair cleansing • Conditioning • Stylers • Pet care • Beard care • Armpit care • Hair scents • and more.

Thanks for submitting!

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