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It's not a dry shampoo folks, it's actual shampoo ingredients in powder form to which you just add water to make your own liquid shampoo! And it's eco-friendly – hurray for nature!

powder shampoo by OBLOOM
Powdered Shampoo – Just add your own water to foam up!!

STOP PAYING for water

Shampoos, conditioners, leave-in conditioners and other hair products can often contain over 75% water. This makes the product heavy to ship from manufacturers to distributors, to stores, and to customers.

They are usually packaged in large plastic bottles that cannot be reused more than once (single-use plastics are highly unnecessary!) and plastic can most often not be even recycled because of its overproduction and recycling plant capacity. At some point, something needed to change, so we did it ourselves.

Our innovative Obloom powder shampoo has become a popular hair shampoo product among travellers, camping aficionados, and eco-warriors alike. Everyone is loving our powder shampoo! But why is this product so special?

"As a Certified Cosmetic Formulator and Trichology student, I have been designing all types of gorgeous and natural hair products that take hair to the next level without compromising our planet or the health of our scalp," saYS Obloom founder and product designer, Suzanne Soto-Davies.

Suzanne realized that so many of the ingredients used in conventional shampoo are also available in powdered form, so naturally, she felt inspired to make a hair wash that would be just as effective as its heavy, liquid counterpart – minus the water.

"It's brilliant! For those who care about the earth as much as I do, I wanted to focus on using ingredients that are 100% biodegradable, since everything we put on our body will eventually be flushed down the drain."

Skipping QUESTIONABLE ingredients for an eco-friendly hair wash product

There are a couple of similar products to ours, but they use not-so-hair or earth-friendly ingredients, so these were not added to our powdered shampoo. Such ingredients include Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate – a powdered cleanser that is not accepted by Ecocert/COSMOS certifications because its process uses petrochemical feedstock, and Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride – a conditioning quaternary polymer (a gum) that easily builds up on the hair much like some silicone ingredients do. Plus Guar Gum is ethoxylated, a no-no in the natural cosmetics industry.

Every ingredient in our powder shampoo matters, and it's so gentle on the scalp and hair that when combined with water it makes a perfectly smooth and lathering shampoo with a perfect pH of 4.5 - 5! (depending on the water used – whether tap, distilled, lake, ocean, hard).

One of the other positive benefits of our powder shampoo is that since it does not contain any water, it does not need preservatives – it's fully anhydrous (without water). Preservatives are an important inclusion to any cosmetic product that has water or will come into contact with water (even shampoo bars since they will sit in water until they fully dry between washes) as we would otherwise immediately see the formation of mould or bacteria. However, many people can find some preservatives irritating on their skin and scalp.

How does our Obloom powder shampoo work?

This is the beauty of powder shampoo: You just add 1/2 a teaspoon of it into a cup, combine it with a cup of water and mix! It will then magically transform into a liquid powder-to-foam shampoo that is easy on the scalp and gentle on the hair, and easily washed out leaving no residue because every ingredient will dissolve when water is added to it.

how to use a powder shampoo



We believe that every cosmetic company should be conscious of using environmentally-friendly packaging. We need to be responsible and be held accountable for what happens to the packaging we use in every product we manufacture.

We chose aluminum packaging for our powder shampoo because it is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Aluminum is 100% recyclable. In fact, it's infinitely recyclable and one of the most easily recyclable materials, as every bit of it can be reused over and over again.

  • 85% of all aluminum ever manufactured is still in use today!

  • Bauxite, the raw material used to extract aluminum is the third most abundant natural resource.

  • Aluminum creates an impermeable barrier between environmental substances and the product. This is why it is used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical products such as creams and ointments, artist paints, food products – even for our astronauts!

  • Aluminum bottles are coated with an epoxy lacquer inner layer that forms an environmentally-friendly barrier between the aluminum and the end product. This lacquer is completely and easily recyclable as well.

The production of cosmetic-grade aluminum packaging is highly sustainable too, as its manufacturing uses less energy and fuel sources, and its recycling consumes 96% less energy than plastics and glass. The shipping of products in aluminum is quite light as well, which reduces our carbon footprint – both yours and ours!

Our Obloom powdered shampoo aluminum bottles are reusable too. Can you think of some uses for such a cute little bottle? We sure can!



It's so lovely! Imagine washing your hair with as cold or as hot water as you'd like, having amazing spreadability throughout your scalp and hair, and rinsing it all off easily.

Imagine using just a touch of the powder so it lightly foams, or a lot of powder for a lot of foaming. And then having gorgeous, clean hair that won't damage your scalp! Yes, it is possible and we've created it, without the guilt of using big, heavy plastic shampoo bottles that will end up in a landfill for hundreds of years.

In terms of functionality, our Powdered Shampoo is actually better than a liquid shampoo because it uses the power of plant-derived ingredients like coconut milk powder, blue spirulina (algae), Aloe vera, and oatmeal. These ingredients all have a gentle function on your hair to hydrate and moisturize to protect your hair and soothe your scalp.

Let's get innovative with haircare!

We have proven that with a product like our Powdered Shampoo, there is no longer a need to buy large plastic bottles of shampoo that smell like apples. For convenience, for ease of use, for gorgeous and healthier looking hair – and a more sustainable planet – this product is worth trying!

To order our Powdered Shampoo you can

click [HERE], or test it out as part of

our Eco-Haircare Starter Kit [HERE].

Do you have any questions about our amazing Powdered Shampoo? Comment or ask below and we will get to all your answers.

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