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why our "greasy bang fix" is so special

We've all gone through moments where we have a slight greasy-looking bang (or "fringe") area and just haven't had the time to quickly wash it. Sure you have too! So we aimed at designing a "Quick Greasy Bang Fix" that you could simply dust on, give a shake, and go about your schedule in a pinch without needing a wash.

greasy bang fix hair product
Our Greasy Bang Fix is a must-have quick fix for rushing around days!

Now, anyone that knows us is aware that we are big proponents of our "release the grease" movement, which basically means you're just letting your hair go greasy for an extra day or two. No "washing your bangs in the sink" and just letting the scalp release its natural oils for a bit longer. We love it, live it, and promote it widely on our Insta and Tiks. Letting your scalp (and thus, your hair) go greasy is just so good for the health of that amazing mini ecosystem! More on that in this blog post [HERE].

greasy bang fix hair product for dry shampoo
Made using delicate herbs, clays and extracts, our Greasy Bang Fix is an eco-friendly alternative to drying sprays.

So back to a quick fix...

We know that you don't like to use flour on your hair because it shows, looks well, "floury" and white, and itches. If you're trying to quick-fix by putting on the arrowroot powder you'd use for baking, on your scalp, then you're in for trouble.

The benefits of our natural Greasy Bang Fix are many:

  • It quickly absorbs scalp and hair sebum (oils)

  • It's made using cosmetic-grade ingredients: The powders are a much finer mesh (tinier) so you will not see these lumps of white flour on your hair

  • The clays naturally absorb sebum (again: oils), while providing some much-needed minerals for your scalp

  • The herb extracts we use actually protect your scalp, support hair growth due to micro circulation, prevent itchiness, feed the scalp with nutrients, while promoting hair fall.

  • It's easy to use, and works well at night-time before bed, as well as in the morning for quick fix to help your hair "last another day" without washing!

We urge you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

FAQs answered:

How often can I use the Greasy Bang Fix?

Use it as often as you need or want. Generally-speaking, if you find your bangs and scalp are getting oily too often that you would need to use the Greasy Bang Fix too often, then you are probably needing to switch to a gentler routine, and milder cleansing methods. Read this blog [HERE] to learn more.

Will the Greasy Bang Fix dry out my scalp?

No, it will not. The ingredients are formulated to absorb the oils in your hair without drying the scalp out as this would make your scalp itchy. The scalp needs oils, otherwise it will get itchy, just like when your arms or back get itchy when it's dry. A dry scalp can be a terrible way to damage your scalp microbiome and cause damage to hair growth.

How long will the Greasy Bang Fix work for?

It depends on the amount of oils you have on your scalp and hair. Typically, you would use the Greasy Bang Fix so that your hair can last another day without washing. After that, we do recommend gently cleansing the scalp with a mild shampoo, such as our Nourishing Greens shampoo bar. Remember, our OBLOOM Greasy Bang Fix is meant to be a "quick fix", not a permanent solution or replacement for washing, which removes the excess oils and dirt from your scalp.

Can I use the Greasy Bang Fix on coloured hair?

Yes, you certainly can! It will not fade or dull your coloured hair.

What hair type is the Greasy Bang Fix recommended for?

Any hair type – from straight and fine to thick, textured hair. The more hair you have, the more Greasy Bang Fix you will need to see its results, that's all.

What hair colour is the Greasy Bang Fix recommended for?

Any hair colour. The Greasy Bang Fix is neutral in colour, and such a fine sized powder due to its cosmetic-grade mesh sized ingredients, that it will not lump or show a "white cast" on dark hair either. Of course, the more you put on your scalp and hair, the more you're layering it, so this may show up after a whole pile of it is added on.

Will the Greasy Bang Fix make my scalp itchy?

No, it will not. Having said that, anyone can have a sensitivity to any ingredient regardless of how "natural" it is. If you suspect you have a sensitivity to one of our ingredients, we suggest doing a patch test on an area of your scalp that is near your face, such as the sideburns. If you develop a sensitivity such as itchiness, then discontinue use and let us know!

Is the Greasy Bang Fix considered Vegan?

Yessir! All our ingredients are Vegan, gluten-free and biodegradable. Since we do use a very fine-grade (gluten-free) colloidal oatmeal ingredient, it's neither a Keto nor Plant Paradox diet product.

Do you have any questions that are not covered here? Please contact us and/or comment below! We'd love to add the answers here for you!

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