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Why Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness in Hair Products Matter More Than Ever

Hey there, eco-conscious beauty enthusiasts! Have you ever stopped to ponder the impact of your luscious hair products on the environment? It's time to rethink our beauty routines and flip the switch on sustainability in the world of haircare. Let's embark on a journey that's as good for the Earth as it is for your fabulous tresses!

plastic pollution in the hair care industry with plastic bottles
The haircare industry is overflowing with plastic pollution. Are we doing enough?

The Green Revolution

Here in Canada, which is known for its breathtaking landscapes and abundant natural resources, we’re at the forefront of the global green revolution. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the pristine waters of the Great Lakes, Canadians are witnessing firsthand the importance of preserving our environment. Sustainability isn't just a buzzword here – it's a way of life that extends to even the most personal aspects, like our beauty routines.

Here, an estimated 98% of households participate in some form of recycling, yet we are well aware that only 8% plastics can actually be recycled due to the overabundance of it piling up in our landfills. This reflects a growing consciousness about our ecological footprint and a willingness to take action.

Our beauty rituals are no exception.

As more Canadians recognize the dire impact that conventional hair products have on our ecosystems, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives has soared. The quest for enviable hair is evolving into a superhero move for the planet, and we have the stats to prove it.

What is your carbon footprint? 
Take [THIS] quick Carbon Footprint Test 
by Global Footprint Network and see 
where you're at – and what you can do better on! 

According to a recent study, approximately 86% of plastic waste found in Canadian water bodies is single-use plastic, including packaging from personal care products like shampoos and conditioners. This revelation has ignited a nationwide conversation about the need to reduce our plastic consumption and opt for sustainable alternatives.

Moreover, a survey conducted by Ipsos found that 72% of Canadians consider environmental protection and sustainability important factors when making purchasing decisions. (Source: Ipsos Public Affairs, "Sustainability in Canada", 2022) This shift in consumer attitudes has propelled companies to reevaluate their offerings and cater to this growing demand for eco-friendly products.

That's right, we've taken it upon ourselves to craft hair products that are not only friendly to the planet but also have a knack for disappearing in nature's embrace – fully biodegradable hair products right here in Canada, HURRAY! It's not just about hair; it's about showing some serious love to this planet we call home! 🌱🌎

Eco-Chic All the Way

Gone are the days when eco-friendly products meant bland, hippie concoctions that smelled like fake apples (not that we have anything against apples!). Today's eco-chic offerings bring you the best of both worlds – stunning hair and a guilt-free conscience – like our innovative shampoo bars and our Hair Renew Mask. Imagine lathering up with a shampoo that's as gentle on your hair and scalp as it is on the ocean's delicate ecosystems: That’s OBLOOM, like a spa day for you and Mother Earth, all in one!

Ingredients on Fleek

Hold onto your hairpins, because the beauty industry is spilling some serious tea – it's not just about those Instagram-worthy bottles! It's all about the fabulous concoction inside. Imagine this: sustainable hair products with ingredients that are as natural and biodegradable as a forest breeze. No chemical chaos left behind!

If you're curious to dive into the nitty-gritty of our ingredient game, take a peek at [THIS LINK]. It's like a treasure map to our eco-friendly choices and why we're obsessed with them. Think plant-powered ingredients replacing those sneaky synthetics. It's not just about getting your hair squeaky clean; it's about a love letter to your hair and scalp, without ghosting the environment. Trust us, Mother Earth approves with a standing ovation! 🌿

Kind to HAIR, Kind to Creatures

Here's the scoop: traditional hair products can sometimes be a nightmare for aquatic life. Harmful chemicals from shampoos and conditioners sneak their way into our water systems, causing chaos for aquatic creatures. But with eco-friendly options, you're making a conscious choice to keep our waters clean and our finned friends happy. Who knew your haircare routine could be a marine life-saving mission?

turtle with plastic in his belly from plastic abundance
Plastic particles have been found in many kind of fish and mammals in oceans and lakes. Plastic pollution consumes us all.

Now, picture this: even if you're miles away from the crashing waves, the whole eco-friendly haircare shebang is a game-changer. Why, you ask? Well, because whatever goes on your hair and skin eventually takes the plunge down the drain – that's the backstage pass to Earth's ecosystem. It's like a cosmic handoff from your shower to the soil, then lakes. And guess what? It's not a VIP invite; it's an all-access pass that affects each and every one of us, no matter where you're stationed on this beautiful blue planet.

Join the Movement

If you're anything like us, you want your hair to look amazing now and forever. Well, what better way to future-proof your luscious locks than by supporting brands that create products like our OBLOOM hair products, that prioritize sustainability right here in Canada?

By investing in hair products that care 
about the environment, you're sending a 
powerful message to the beauty industry: sustainability is the way forward. 

So, whether you're a seasoned eco-warrior or a curious newbie, it's time to embrace the sustainable haircare movement. With options ranging from plant-powered shampoos to sustainable or zero-waste packaging, there's a world of eco-friendly goodness waiting to transform your hair game right here. It's like a makeover for you and the Earth!

Cheers to a beautifully sustainable future – one strand at a time.

Explore our eco-friendly line of hair products, made right here in Canada.

Not sure? -> Start with our Eco-Haircare Starter Kit and test them out. You'll be glad you did.

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