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5 THINGS That are making Your Hair greasy faster (And FIX-IT TIPS)

In this guide, we'll unveil the culprits behind your greasy crown and explore how you can fix this slippery dilemma. Prepare to read your way to gorgeous, less-greasy hair!

woman with greasy hair
Hair that gets oily often is so frustrating! Here's how to fix that issue.

1. Guilty Face Pleasures:

Did you know that your innocent face products could be covertly contributing to your oily hair? Those creamy moisturizers, oil serums, and sunscreens, while great for your skin, have a sneaky tendency to migrate down to your precious locks, leaving you with a greasy hair situation. It's like your face and hair are having a secret party, and the aftermath is an oily disaster.


First, be mindful of the products you apply near your hairline and opt for oil-free or lightweight formulas to minimize transfer. Secondly, consider using a headband or hair clip while applying skincare products to keep them off your hair.

Additionally, after applying skincare, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands to prevent inadvertently transferring any product residue to your hair. And last but not least, if you're noticing persistent issues, try adjusting your skincare routine or experimenting with different products to find the perfect balance between healthy skin and non-greasy hair.

woman washing face with headband on
Wear a headband while you wash your face, AND keep it on while you apply face products.

2. Sudsy Hairwash Mania:

Raise your hand if you've fallen into the trap of washing your hair daily, hoping to banish the oil slick from your scalp!

Well, here's a newsflash: Overwashing can actually make things worse! Your hair, much like a wild creature, craves balance. When you scrub it too frequently, it retaliates by producing more oil, as if to say, "Fine, if you want it that way, here's an oil spill for ya!" So, put down that plastic shampoo bottle and embrace the joy of washing your hair less often. Trust us, it's a magical formula for taming the greasiness.


If you want to extend the time between hair washes and keep greasiness at bay, here are some quick tips to help you on your quest for non-greasy locks.

First, gradually increase the gap between washes to allow your scalp to adjust to producing less oil. Second, try using our Greasy Bang Fix on your roots to absorb excess oil between washes (it works like magic overnight!). It can be a lifesaver for refreshing your hair and adding volume between washes. Additionally, consider experimenting with different hairstyles or accessories to camouflage any oiliness.

Finally, if you're a workout enthusiast, read our article [HERE] on how to balance your workout routine while extending your time between washes. With these tips, you can bid farewell to daily hair washing and embrace the beauty of less frequent, but still fabulous, wash days.

greasy hair don't care
Greasy hair, don't care! Sometimes, pulling hair up in a high bun can make it seem like you hair hairspray on!

3. Hands Off, Hair!

Ah, the irresistible urge to touch, twirl, and tousle your hair throughout the day. We get it; it's a sensory delight, and some find it a comfort thing.

woman playing with hair
For many of us, playing with our hair can be comforting.

But guess what? Your fingers are not innocent bystanders in this game of hair oiliness. Each time you run your hands through your luscious locks, you transfer oil from your scalp to your strands (and everything else you’ve been touching all day), giving them a VIP ticket to Greaseville.

So, let your hair be and keep your hands occupied with more productive tasks (see our tips below!)


If you're looking to break the habit of constantly touching your hair and keep greasiness at bay, a few quick tips can help you conquer the temptation. First, be aware of when you find yourself reaching for your locks and consciously redirect your hands to another activity or object. Keeping your hands occupied can be a helpful distraction. Second, experiment with different hairstyles or use hair accessories to keep your hair off your face and out of your reach. This way, you're less likely to absentmindedly touch it. Lastly, remind yourself of the potential consequences — greasy hair! — whenever you catch yourself reaching for those strands. With practice and awareness, you'll gradually reduce the urge to touch your hair, allowing it to stay fresher for longer. If all else fails, maybe you can try your hand at crocheting or sketching? (wink wink!).

4. Product Build-Up Party:

Ah, the joys of styling products! They promise fabulous volume, sleek locks, and gravity-defying hairstyles. But beware, for excessive use can easily lead to a greasy affair.

Yes, product build-up is the ultimate party crasher for your hair. Layers upon layers of gels, mousses, and sprays create a sticky residue that attracts oil like a magnet. So, consider cutting back on the product overload and give your hair some breathing space. You truly don't need that many products on your hair anyway – it's not good for your hair, and terrible for the environment since everything will eventually end up being washed down the drain...


By incorporating our OBLOOM hair products into your routine, you can effectively prevent product build-up on your hair. Our meticulously formulated products are designed with a gentler approach, prioritizing the health of your hair and scalp. The thoughtful selection of ingredients ensures a more natural derivation, resulting in a reduced need for frequent washing and excessive product usage. With OBLOOM, you can embrace a harmonious balance between nourishing your hair and avoiding the undesirable buildup that often weighs it down!

5. Harsh Products: The Culprits of Grease

Using harsh hair products is like sending an invitation to the Grease Brigade and asking them to throw a party on your scalp. Sulfates, heavy conditioners, and silicone-loaded styling products are the villains here. They strip away your hair's natural oils, leaving it in a state of panic-induced oil production.

Tame the face products, wash your hair less frequently, resist the urge to touch, say no to product build-up, and bid farewell to harsh hair products. And in this quest for non-greasy glory, our natural products shine as the ultimate saviours.

So, join us in the fight against the greasy forces and unleash your hair's true potential. It's time to flip that oily narrative and embrace a life of tresses that are as light, vibrant, and full of character as your brilliant sense of humor!

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