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Have you ever used just ONE shampoo your whole life? Chances are, you've journeyed through a world of hair products because, let's face it, our hair is as dynamic as our ever-changing lives.

three friends different hair styles
Did you ever think one shampoo would be good for your whole lifespan? Think again.

So, let's dive into the quest for that perfect shampoo and unravel why it's an ever-evolving pursuit.

Your Hair, Your Lifetime

Picture this: your hair in your 20s versus your 40s. It's like comparing a sprightly sapling to a well-seasoned oak tree. The truth is, your hair changes along with you. Factors like weather, hormones, lifestyle, and diet all physiologically influence your scalp and how it grows hair. What worked wonders for your luscious locks in your younger years might not cut it when you're a bit more... seasoned.

three generations of women with different hair needs.
Your hair is constantly changing, along with your hormones, diet, and lifestyle.

So, it's not just a midlife crisis that demands a change in your hair routine; it's your hair's way of telling you, "Hey, I need something different now!" Listen to it, and for goodness' sake –don't be afraid to experiment!

Did you know...
50 years ago (which is not long, really) our grandparents used to wash their hair with soap. SOAP! One of the worst hair-cleansing products out there, known for its long-time damage causing effects on the scalp!
Many professionals suggest that soap is the main reason many seniors today have thin, frail hair... 
What do you think?

soap is not good for the hair
Soap is wonderful! But one of the worst products for haircare.

Chasing the Trends

Hair trends are like fashion, they come and go. Remember when BIG hair was all the rage? (oh yes, I remember that clearly – along with all the hairspray I used, which surely contributed to today's ozone layer depletion!) After that, everyone craved that pin-straight look, and lately, the tousled waves have taken the stage. We adjust our hair game with the times because we're simply THAT MUCH into the latest look. So your hair products need to evolve with these trends too.

You might have thought, "Who needs volumizing shampoo?" in your sleek and straight hair phase. But now, those beachy waves are begging for it. Embrace the change, and don't be afraid to follow the trends, because your hair may thank you later – and so will your future self as you look through the photos! Change is good; adventure keeps us on our toes!

80s hair and shampoo use
Remember the 'big hair' trends of the 80s? Our hair evolves with the times, and so does our shampoo.

The Ever-Changing Product Landscape

The haircare industry is a chameleon, always reinventing itself. You might have a favourite shampoo one year, and the next, they've rebranded, and you're allured by the shiny, new label. It's like the mainstream hair industry knows how to keep us hooked!

Interesting industry tip for you: 
I met a seasoned Cosmetic Chemist who worked for a very well knowned, LARGE haircare company (you'd know them). This individual openly shared the company's manufacturing tactics, which included "reinventing" the label even though the product was the same as in previous years. 

All this Chemist needed to do was to change up "at least one ingredient" and voilá... a new product was born! 
It was all meant to adjust with the times and keep making money from their loyal customer... 
(same shit, different flies) 

Products evolve, not just in packaging but in formulation too. Innovative ingredients, advanced technology, and the quest for eco-friendly solutions continually drive this change. It's like an exciting journey, and your hair care products are your trusty companions, adapting to the times.

The Magic of Evolving Ingredients

In the ever-advancing world of haircare, ingredients are where the magic happens. Over the years, there have been remarkable improvements in the quality and range of ingredients used. This is excellent news for your hair!

These advanced ingredients got us all excited when we were developing our line of products! It was shocking for me to see how little they were used, despite their amazingness! I often asked myself,

  • Why has nobody used that yet? And why are they using that when there's this??

  • Why hasn't anyone designed a hair product like this one?

and most importantly:

  • Why aren't consumers all the rage about this ingredient? It's amazing!

Gone are the days when shampoos were laden with ethoxylated or petroleum-derived ingredients. Now, there's a wave of nature-derived hair products taking center stage, promising healthier hair with every wash. We work hard, and hair products like ours, where we make it our mission to craft products that are not only effective, and amazing – and also eco-toxic free! Worth the try, right?

Finding "The One"

So, how do you find your perfect shampoo product? – It's all about experimentation.

Try these handy hair tips:

  • It will take you a good 28-30 days of experimenting with one particular shampoo until you truly see how your hair will respond to it. It doesn't happen overnight, so give it time. If you're curious about trying different types of shampoo (ie: for dry hair, for more moisture, for greasy scalps, with protein or without, etc.) then test different brands rather than sticking to one single brand's variety – many times, the formulation is the exact same for their variation, with a few minor adjustments.

  • It could be that your hair has changed washing requirements over time: In your 20s, hormones may have required you to wash it more often, but maybe now you need to wash it less often for it to respond.

  • Your shampoo may be too harsh, so if you like the scent or feel on your scalp, maybe try taking a glob of it and diluting it in a cup with water! You'll be surprised at how well a shampoo washes without so many "bubbles".

  • Your washing routine may need updating: Try putting conditioner on your hair first, then washing it with shampoo – this method works well for many people as they age because hair gets coarser over time (and more porous). Highly porous hair will be best when sealed first before washing it, to prevent too much water from entering it (more on that in another blog post!). Put conditioner on the hair strands (not the scalp) and THEN wash it with shampoo! Let us know how you like that tip ;)

  • Try our gentle shampoo bar line: Shampoo bars are concentrated shampoos, and it takes water to dilute them into the perfect hair shampoo. This is such a huge benefit of shampoo bars because this way you're not putting large globs of shampoo directly on your scalp! Too much shampoo on your scalp can result in a scalp that overdries, overproduces oil to make up for the dryness, and too much product build-up from not rinsing it out properly. It's virtually impossible to overload on a shampoo bar cleanse!

In the meantime, remember this: Your hair is unique, and what works for one person might not work for you.

Be open to trusting new, innovative hair products, like ours, which are made using cutting-edge ingredients and processes – it means we're at the forefront of haircare technology.